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League of Legends is a MOBA game released in 2011, developed and published by Riot Games. It’s currently one of the most popular games of all time and features multiple queue types, including a competitive ranked ladder. All of the League of Legends accounts available to buy below are ready to play in this competitive environment. The high quality and fast delivery of our accounts make us one of the best solutions for purchasing League of Legends accounts.

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Maximum Security

We take your security extremely seriously, and pay great attention to making sure our accounts & payments are completely protected and safe. All our payments are processed by PayPal, meaning we never store your payment information and it stays totally secure. We are proud to be the most security-conscious account store in the world.
unverified LoL accounts

Unverified Accounts

All our accounts are fully unverified, meaning you can change the email address linked to the account. This allows you to claim full ownership over the account and prevent any “claim-backs”, which many less reputable account sellers do. In fact, we are the only place to buy fully unverified accounts safely & securely without the risk of claim-backs.
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Hand Leveled

Every single one of our accounts is hand leveled by our expert team. We do not use bots or automated programs to level our accounts as they are known for getting your account banned! By leveling accounts manually by hand, the risk of getting banned is significantly lower than any other account seller. This means you can be sure you are getting the most premium and safest accounts possible.
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Instant Delivery

No need to wait - we will deliver your account to your email address instantly! Get up and running in minutes and start dominating Summoner’s rift with your new unranked account. Plus, we keep detailed records of every sale and can provide you with your original details if you ever lose them.

Lifetime Insurance on All LoL Products

We know how important your account is and all our League of Legends accounts are created with the utmost care. That’s why we provide a lifetime insurance on every single account we provide, at no additional cost. This means we’ll review every ban case individually and should we find it was our fault, we’ll replace it for free. Our lifetime insurance doesn’t apply for any specific set time and will be issued in line with our Terms of Service agreement.

Instant Delivery

Lifetime Warranty

Secure Payment Options

Human Leveled Accounts

Over 5000 5* Reviews

Safe and Easy Payments

Purchasing an account from us is easy, no matter your language, browser, operating system, or location. We offer a huge range of payment methods and will convert our cost price to your local currency at a fair rate.

All of our payment systems are regularly checked and protected through SSL ensuring that any details you use are safe and secure. All card details are handled through PayPal, which means it’s encrypted, secure, and safe from prying eyes.

Highest Quality and Excellent Service

The experience of purchasing a League of Legends account from us doesn't end as soon as you leave our store. The stats say you'll be using our accounts at least once a week, probably more. That's why all of our accounts are hand leveled, contain a large selection of champions or Blue Essence, and come ready to play ranked. Skip the leveling and jump straight into the ranked action today.

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