The chances are if you’ve played League of Legends for a while then you’ve probably thought about creating or already have a second account. Whether you already have a second account or are thinking of making another account, we’ve got everything you need to know about having multiple LoL accounts on the same email.

To help you manage your accounts and keep things organized, here are a few things you can do when using multiple LoL accounts on the same email. Not only will these save you time, but you’ll never lose one of your LoL accounts again.

How To Use The Same Email On Your LoL Account

If you already have an existing LoL account, then it is actually possible to change the account’s email to another address that already has an account registered on it. This means if you have an email address with an account on it already, you can always add a second account to keep everything in one place.

Be sure to read our guide on how to change your League of Legends email if you’ve never changed your email before.

However, this method won’t allow you to use an existing email address to create a new account. To do that, you will have to use the special registration trick below.

How To Create LoL Account With The Same Email

If you try to create a new League of Legends account with the same email address, you’ll get the error message “this email address already exists”. This is because when creating a LoL account, the email address must be unique and have not been used before.

If you don’t have a second spare email to hand, then there is a handy trick you can use that will allow you to use the same email. The trick is to add the + symbol and then a number to the end of your existing email address like below.

multiple lol accounts email trick

This trick allows you to use the same email with an account already on it, but by adding the +1 it will make the email address unique. This +1 will have no effect on the delivery of the emails and all account information will be sent to the same email address.

And this isn’t the only website you can use this trick on, in fact, you can use it on most registration forms.

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